Community plugins / co-funding platform

Hey everyone.

A lot of plugins never emerge because of a lack of money and some of them can’t be used by small developers because of budget limitation.

I thought today about a platform where :

  • Everyone can submit plugin ideas
  • People can vote for plugins that will be useful for them
  • Plugins developers can put a quote/estimate for the plugins
  • A co-funding starts and everyone can join
  • If the co-funding reach the end, the plugin is developed and released for free
  • And maybe to reward funders, early access to the plugin

Will you be interested in such a platform? Any suggestions?


I started working on this and I’ll need some beta testers. DM me if you want to be in!

Nice idea. But building the platform (as you know) is no a problem. More of a marketing one - and that would take some work - are you willing to do it? + also Bubble as a partner would be great :smiley:

Really want to release a basic version with basic features.
Then release it just to see how people react, and if it’s good ask for bubble à partnership.
That’s how I plan it for now :slight_smile:

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