"Open Source/Community" pricing plan

How about creating a new plan similar to hobby plan but with multiple collaborators.

Right now I feel that the “giving back” side of Bubbler is dependant on solo effort rather than community one.

Let’s say I want to join two or three Bubblers to collaborate to create an Open Source UI Kit for Bubble or a plugin

Either we have go on a professional plan($62/month) or on a team plan($165/month) just to give back to the community.

It would also help to provide continuity in time and maintenance to these kind of projects


:100: agree with this. I haven’t gotten into any sort of community collaboration yet, but this would be super helpful

I agree, many bubble users also like to use bubble to do apps with firends and the pricing is just way way way to much. You schould be able to minimum add 1 or 2 collaborators.

@emmanuel @josh even though I expected more traction on this idea I still think it would be a great addition and an improvement for the Bubble Community. Is this something you would consider?

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