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Lets crowdfund together!

So we need to prove the concept of crowdfunding before we can use my App ( or any other crowdfunding method to charge users and get things built. The point of this thread is to verify interest in a single idea to crowdfund so we can prove this method can work. Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

Post your idea for what you think would be the most valuable addition to bubble. Lets leave Native apps and Responsive design off the list at this point because those are much larger concepts and the idea here is to get the crowd funding movement going on a smaller concept. If you agree with an idea already posted then just state that you agree with said concept. when we have some good ideas then we will decide which single idea is best to move forward with. Then we can all decide on how much money we would be willing to spend on the idea.

I was back and forth on whether or not to post this next part (and I’m not sure bubble would want me to post it) but i think its important for people that haven’t paid for something to be added into bubble to get an understanding of past costs.

To add Full Calendar it cost $1600
To add the music player (jplayer) it cost $1200

Are these cheap? no, but for anybody that’s ever paid a developer to build something out for them like i have, this is incredibly cheap. And just think of how cheap we can get it if the whole community is donating money!

Anyways, let the Ideas begin!


The Idea i would like is Regularly scheduled workflows and API calls. (being able to have workflows run like once a week or once a month)

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I like idea, but the most important item for me at the moment is a fluid layout. Responsive layouts would be ideal, but I could live without the breakpoints as long as it allows the ability to specify percentages.

I also like the idea of scheduled workflow, but I would prefer a user interface that works for nearly all users first and be able to add additional functionality afterwards.

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