Compare input text boxes

This may be a VERY silly question that is the result of me missing something obvious…

I’m building an app that collects bank account details (nevermind whether that’s a good idea :slight_smile: )…

I’d like to be able to have 2 text inputs:

  1. Bank account number
  2. Bank account number confirm

I’d like to be able to compare these two inputs to make sure they match when I click the save button. Issue is, I don’t know how to grab the current data of one element and compare it to the current data of another. Honestly, editing input/text elements in general from within a workflow seems unusually difficult without using things like states and condititionals. There must be something I’m missing or a plugin that allows for easy manipulation/comparison of elements on a page.

Sorry for the probably silly question but this is driving me insane. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello! You can use conditional statements. At the bottom of every workflow event or workflow action, there is a dynamic data input that starts with the static phrase “only when.” This dynamic data input is also available on the “conditional” tab of any element. Using this dynamic data input, you can write a condition like “only when input bank account number confirm = input bank account number.” This will ensure that the particular action or event only triggers if the condition is true.

All of that said - with sensitive data like bank account information - I would recommend using a third party plugin like stripe that is PCI compliant. You do not want the liability of storing user full bank account numbers in your bubble database.

Thanks! I guess I’m more wondering if there is a way to manipulate data in a text field from a workflow without using conditionals or states… something like, “Change textbox A’s value to be equal to textbox b’s value”. Is there a way to do that from a workflow that is run when a button is clicked?

You would do this using conditionals - there’s no workflow action to update a text’s value. Is there a specific reason you need to accomplish this without conditions or states?

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