Workflow or conditional action when an input field value is changed only

Hi all I was wondering if there’s any way to accomplish this. Say I have 10 input fields on a page, that have their default data being the value of that field for the current page record. I want a Save button on the page, but only to work, or appear etc if one of the fields are changed. Or for example, if input field “Company Name” says “ABC Inc” and the user clicks in it and changes it to ABC Ltd (basically changes it at all) then the save button appears, or the formatting here changes etc.

I know I can do conditional when an input is clicked, or hovered, but trying to figure out how to do it more when it has changed from the current value. Basically so that users don’t have to press an “Edit” button first to go in Edit mode, but instead can just type in any field and if they make a change it makes the Save button appear.


Compare stored values with the value in the input.

Put a condition on the button “When input Company Name’s value is not current page’s Company Name” this button is visible or clickable etc.

Can get unwieldy with a lot of inputs but works well.

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That’s perfect thanks!

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