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Comparison of different sound/music player plugin options

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has experience with all the different music/sound player plugins on bubble and has opinions on if there is a difference in sound quality among them.

I have a language learning app so sound quality is of the utmost importance. In many respects, I am less concerned with the other features that might make a particular plugin preferable over another and sound quality is the sole thing I am focused on.

Also, is it possible that there actually isnt a difference in sound quality among them?


The sound quality is based on your recording. For the past year, I’ve use this plugin by @weswas — lots of control as far as playback, timestamps, etc which can be utilized to provide a great experience to your users.

Great, thanks for the tip! So as long as the recording itself is of high quality, the audio will be high quality (assuming the user has quality speakers/headphones as well).

I will check out the plugin you mentioned.