Complete guide to retrieve Facebook/Instagram leads directly in Bubble

Hey Bubble fam!

After try hard, I finally get Facebook leads directly in my Bubble app :slight_smile:

My client asked it because before we used to use Make to get leads, but it required to set up one scenario for each form… as his clients setup forms regulary, it was a nightmare.

Now end user can connect with their Facebook Account, allow us to connect with their facebook pages, and each time someone fill a form, it goes in our app :partying_face:

As it was so painfull to get it work, I wrote a guide for the community (please excuse my bad english, don’t hesitate to report mistakes in comments)

Here it is : Meta Leads Guide - Google Docs

If you have any question, or if it is needed to add some usefull info in that doc, don’t hesitate to respond here.

And if there’s someone hot to create a plugin to include all the needed API calls, contact me ! If we can help people to get it simplier it will be nice !

Warning : you need some high level in Bubbling to get it work :smiling_face_with_tear:


Nice work Sarah! 35 pages c’est énorme! :muscle:

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Thank you for sharing Sarah!

Bookmarked! :slight_smile:

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Kudos to Sarah for making and sharing such a detailed guide :slight_smile:

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Great work, thank you very much for sharing!