Complete Stripe Integration course?

Hello Bubble community :wave: ,

I am quite new to bubble (I’m working hard to learn it)
Thanks to forum :clap: .

I see lot of videos on youtube regarding stripe integration where somebody uses plugins & some uses API
I am quite confused after watching those videos :confused:

Which is the right way of doing it & when should i prefer integrating stripe using API instead of plugins & also there are lot of stripe plugins why?

Can anybody guide me to “Complete stripe integration course” (Even if its paid course) :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your response :pray:

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Integration with API , gives you lots of flexibility. You can leverage Stripe to the fullest.

Checkout my Stripe to Bubble course here—

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Hi @ankur1 :wave:
Thanks for this playlist :+1:

Just out of curiosity i would like to know
Why there are these many stripe plugins ? (Any specific reason)
Stripe topic” is it very difficult for a beginner like me ? :thinking:

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hey @ZedtronicsAdmin ,

There is couple of reason for it-

  1. Stripe offers lots of functions so combining them into one plugin is bit overwhelming. So people categories them based on requirement like all the api required for regular e-commerce app into one app etc.
  2. Its simple to build.
  3. There is so much demand of it.
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@ankur1 Thanks :+1: