Stripe by bubble - Roadblock / Need Tutorial

Hey all,

I need a real good tutorial on how to integrate the Stripe (by bubble) plugin to allow users to subscribe to my App. I do have a Stripe account setup and I did install the Stripe plugin (by bubble). Also, using Stripe plugin only should suffice, right? I have three types of products (Free and PRO version for 1 year, and PRO version unlimited (1 time payment) of my App. Pretty basic.

Any clue where I can find a comprehensive tutorial? I really wished Bubble would publish one…


Hi Guy

I do not have a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the Bubble plugin as the plugin limits what you can actually do with Stripe, however, it may suffice for some use cases.

I have made a comprehensive paid course on how to integrate stripe via the API which is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of how the Stripe API operates so that you could utilize the Stripe API documentation to setup your integration how you need it, but it also comes with editor access to the course app, so you can simply copy/paste most of the functionalities to get started quickly.

You can find the forum post here detailing the course and the actual course here on my training site.

Thanks @boston85719

Is all I need for your course the bubble Stripe plugin?


Your course dates back to 2021. Is it still current enough to use anyways?

It doesn’t use the Stripe Plugin. It is focused on educating on how to use the Stripe API.


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