Completed App suggestions

Was just wondering whether bubble has a suggestions team for people who have completed their apps? In the sense that some of your team members may look into the app and suggest ways to improve it.

Would be great for the non developer background guys like me, as there are more than one ways an action can happen. Novices like me sometimes don’t find the right way of producing a result and go for work around, unnecessarily increasing the size of the app and the user interface may also sometimes require some face-lift, whereas a bubble expert knows the correct way to get it done.

My suggestion is towards a final say from the bubble team regarding the functionality and ease of use of a completed app. What’s your say?

The best way to do this is probably to get some help from members of this board (freelancers or people kind enough to help you out), or through one of the Bubble agencies.

I doubt the team themselves will take on tasks like this, as they are focusing their resources on developing Bubble.

Also, I believe that @romanmg has an “App Audit” service where she supplies her bubble expertise to your application and identifies ways to improve it. May want to check out


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