Complex Math Equations w/ WolframAlpha

Is there any way to do this on bubble?

My Initial plan is to display mathematical equations on an input then passed them on to WolframAlpha API to get the results back.

Well one could do it all in JavaScript in the browser. Why pass this to an external API? I can’t recall if List Shifter implements arcsin/asin (for example) but I’m pretty sure it does regular sin/cos/tan (in Process List). So yeah you can do this with plugins or some custom plugin code and screw Wolfram.

If you’re asking about the custom interface yeah you can do that too (again with a little bit of work like making the icons).

As for will you/can you do it, well that’s up to you.

As I understood, the idea is to have equation editor in bubble, not the calculation itself…
Didn’t find any plugin for that, and also curious if there’s already any possibility for that.
If there are some JavaScript libs for it, it might be reasonable to make a plugin.

Yes the idea is to have an equation editor on an input e.g virtual keyboard, The calculation occurs when the user pressed “Get Answers” and then it calls the Wolframalpha API to get the answer.

Hey there, in my case I pass the equations to an external api to do the complex calculations. for now I’m only having trouble displaying the equations.

Do you know if Wolfram provides online equation editor widget?

There’s mathjax lib to display equations that undestands MathML. You can also use latex.js for this purpose, but none of them support editing to my knowledge.

Here’s what I’m trying to do below. I do not have an idea how to implement this on an input form. only on an HTML visual element


Not sure what you meant by “input form”, but i don’t think it’s possible with standard form input field. You need a plugin that provide custom input for that. Can you share this HTML visual element (may be in a separate test app)?

I think I will be using this. Just having trouble how to implement it. I’ll research more.

Thanks for sharing!

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Did a simple exercise with a lib you posted, see video below. If you’re interested in getting this for your project, let’s collaborate as I would need help in testing to go further.

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This is nicely done!

Yesterday, I had successfully displayed math equations but having a really hard time getting the latex equivalent off of it as I was only doing it on an HTML visual element and had no experience working with plugins.

I’d be glad and interested getting the simple exercise you made for my project’s use case!

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According to documentation, you need to include Compute Engine lib. Then take mathfield.expression.json property and serialize to LaTeX using something like

var ce = new ComputeEngine()
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Send me your app name so I can grant access to the plugin.
And it’s also would be useful if you could record 5 minutes video for me describing your use case. Loom can help you with this.

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Sure thing, I’ll send a personal message to you.

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