Complex Sorting with Geographic Locations (addresses)

Hey Bubblers,

I’m building a very complex search which would benefit from being able to search by the distance of a thing’s address from a specific location (origin).

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As you can see in the data source value, I’m searching for “Massage Therapists” but not all of the data being searched is directly from the Massage Therapist database table. (If it were, I wouldn’t be creating this post).

As a result, I can’t individually sort each group of data. Instead, I have to sort all of the search results at once (see “sorted by rating” at the end of the expression).

When I try to sort all of the results, I can’t sort with fields that contain geographic locations (the field is “address”).

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  1. @emmanuel, will you be able to add this feature in the near future?

  2. Does anyone know a suitable workaround for this?

Thanks everyone,

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