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Sort by: Geographic address distance from current geographic position

Up until very recently, the following setup was working fine

A repeating list of data sourced from “do a search for sorted by home address (ie “1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802”) distance from current geographic position”

But as of recently, that list no longer sorts by distance

I’m able to change the ‘sort by’ value to something else (like date of birth), and content appears as expected. But if I try to sort by geographic address distance from current geographic position, content is not sorting

My worry is that the new multi sorting functionality affected this in some way?

What is “Dynamic sort field” supposed to be in the second screenshot below?

Yes we’re aware of the issue and will push a fix today or tomorrow.

Dynamic sort field is a way to make the sorting no field dynamic (but won’t work with geographic fields, that for more classic sorting).

Fix confirmed, thanks so much to you and your team @emmanuel