Complex Workflow Ideas

I have a job interview coming up with a Bubble Development Firm and one of their requirements is showing a complex workflow.

I have many of them inside of my apps, but I am looking for one that would blow them away.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I would focus on one that touches on a lot of the major aspects of bubble. I would guess they want to see your breadth of knowledge, rather than in detail on one topic (but hey, that’s just a guess and will vary from interview to interview). To name a few of the major topics:

  • API connection - incoming
  • API connection - outgoing (ideally with customized api response)
  • Complex search with filter
  • Stripe integration
  • Email client integration
  • etc…

I understand a couple of those are some of the same thing (email client integration and API connection) but I’m just writing these things down as they come to me.

One that I can think of in my app that includes a lot of the above is a completed purchase which makes changes to the user, charges their stripe account via api, sends them an email with the invoice with customized json (I remember that part being tricky given the variable number of items in the invoice depending on how many they purchased).

Just a thought.