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Comprehensive Ziggeo Plugin! And it's cheap! :)

I couldn’t find the right solution for a video integration with Ziggeo. So I built my own! :slight_smile:. I went ahead and added all the parameters I could from the Ziggeo Javascript SDK and also made it the cheapest advanced plugin by more than half. Having all the options makes it a tad bit overwhelming, but it’s better to have them and not need them, then need them and not have them. I also hit a ton of issues with responsiveness with the current Ziggeo options within Bubble so I handled that by matching the underlying Ziggeo element to the size of the Bubble element, so you control responsiveness with the window sizings within Bubble.

This is a fairly advanced plugin given all the configuration options and if you have issues with it let me know. I run a SW engineering team in my day job, but I love Bubble for POC’s!

If there are additional features or things you want from the plugin just let me know and I’ll turn them around in no time.

Go team go

Plugin Link
Ziggeo Parameters Link




thanks for that. Any chance to get this plugin for a fixed price?


Sure! I’ll put that option out there today.

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I updated the pricing just now. Let me know if you have issues.


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