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[New Plugin] Professional Ziggeo Plugin

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that we released our “Professional Ziggeo Plugin” ! We needed a Ziggeo implementation for one of our apps and were not 100% satisfied with the current pluigns, so we went ahead and built our own.

This Plugin incorporates the Ziggeo Javascript SDK into Bubble and contains almost all parameters, actions and events into one big plugin.

This plugin uses the latest stable JavaScript SDK from Ziggeo, but if you want to use a different version just let us know and we will incorporate that.

For a (very simple) demo please visit:


  • Ziggeo Player with almost all Parameters
  • Ziggeo Recored with almost all Parameters


  • Toggle Settings
  • Get Current Position
  • Destroy Embedding
  • Pause Playback
  • Play
  • Seek
  • Set Key
  • Set Volume
  • Toggle Subtitles
  • Pause Recording
  • Cancel
  • Start Recording
  • Trigger Rerecording


  • Video has been watched to end
  • Video is loaded
  • Video has been paused
  • Video has started playing
  • Video has been seeked
  • Recorder Poster Image was skipped
  • Recorder Video has been uploaded
  • Recorder Video has processed
  • Recorder Video is uploading currently
  • Recorder no access to camera or microphone
  • Recorder no microphone detected
  • Recorder no camera detected
  • Recorder Recording stopped
  • Recorder Video uploaded and verified
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Setup Demo:

Watched your YT video @Anticode . Super useful plugin! :grinning: :+1:t2:

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