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🎥 Better Advanced Ziggeo Plugin released! 🤩

We are very happy to announce the official release of the Advanced Ziggeo Plugin for Bubble! :smiley: :star_struck:

This plugin has lots of advantages over the default Ziggeo plugin and manual HTML embeddings, including support for the latest Ziggeo API version, WebRTC, responsive player and recorder embeds and lots of other Ziggeo features like:

  • Support for all Ziggeo themes selection
  • Options to allow Uploading, Recording or Both
  • Optional initial video values for recorders
  • Autoplay
  • Disabling video playback controls (pause, seeking, fullscreen)
  • Automatically playback on fullscreen on mobile
  • Flash support option in case WebRTC is not available
  • Autorecord
  • (Dis)allow re-recordings
  • (Dis)allow snapshot selection
  • Max recordings
  • Video (min & max) time limits
  • Custom countdown time
  • (De)activation of face outline
  • Set expiration days for automatic deletion of your Ziggeo videos
  • Audio only recordings, without video
  • Send meta data like recording’s Title & Description to Ziggeo
  • Simulate recordings that are not saved to Ziggeo (i.e. for testing or demo purposes)
  • Lazyloading
  • Pre-loading videos

With this plugin you also get access to a Events and Actions for Ziggeo players and recorders for use in Workflows like:

  • Do when video playing, paused, ended (player events)
  • Do when recorder video is recording, uploading, uploaded, verified and reset input values (recorder events)
  • Play/pause/stop video (player actions)
  • Record, upload, rerecord, play, pause, stop (recorder actions)

Enjoy and please contact us through support email with feature requests!


I’m currenlty achieving the main features you’ve outlined with html , js and it’s hacky but works. I’m keen to have a more polished hardened solution … couple of questions:

What version of the ziggeo api are you using . Ziggeo has issues with Edge browser under thier own volition. Does yours support edge?

Audio only. This should support desktop, iOS and Android . Can you confirm.

There is a general issue with bubble and it’s elements that when changing screen size ( orientation) everything gets refreshed. Is this the case with you plugin also.

If you can let me know . If in fact these are resolved by your plugin I’ll subscribe and post an update here for the commmnity

Hi @Bubbleboy,

Our plugin is automatically using the latest stable version of the API, which is currently v1-r30 according to Ziggeo.

Edge doesn’t support webrtc and therefore uses flash, some incognito browsers do use flash too for that reason. There’s an option to support flash in these cases in our plugin which makes the embed work fine on these browsers too.

Here’s Ziggeo’s point of view on this matter:

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge do not support WebRTC. They have a less popular variant created by Microsoft which Edge uses called ORTC, as such our player and recorder will fallback to Flash and the reason why you are seeing that message.
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to not use Flash on them at this time.

Ziggeo uses mobile device’s native camera apps to record audio only in mobile browsers, which is something we can’t change. Ziggeo mentioned on their forums they are working on a better audio only feature.

Since Bubble refreshes pages when changing orientation it also refreshes our plugin’s elements.

The Bubblify Team


I’ve installed the plugin, are there help guides or documentation for it? I’m struggling with some of the features (like autobinding, not sure what datafield type I should hook it up to). Rather than asking a bunch of questions on here I’d rather refer to that first!

Thanks for putting the work in to create the plugin :smile:


Just to add to the quote above.

That is correct, we currently support WebRTC and Flash - WebRTC being preferred over Flash by our system. We are however working on utilizing the WebRTC aspects of ORTC (since it is a fairly similar yet not directly compatible version of the same technology) so soon we would be supporting it, making only IE 11 and lower IE version would use Flash.

In regards to audio only, just to add - if you have sound recording app that registers itself on the Android system, it is possible to get the sound recorder as an additional option when you click record and be able to just record sound however as our system accepts only videos at this time (so audio only will be updated this year) that would likely not work, so it is safer to presume it not working on mobile devices without actually using the camera - this of course as said above will be updated in near future :slight_smile:

Another thing to add is that @bubblify plugin is utilizing our v2 player and v2 recorder, not v1 that is used by official Bubble plugin. V2 is completely written by our engineers with mobile / responsiveness in mind.

These pages can help seeing their themes:


What is Auto-Remove after (da…) ?


HI @paul4 and other users. Ziggeo offers a ton of options and we tried to integrate as many as possible in this plugin. However, it’s clear that some proper documentation is necessary because of the many options and names and descriptions of those options. We will publish proper documentation within 3 days, probably today already, and notify you here on the forum when it’s available. Hope that helps.

Thanks for using our plugin and please notify us when you experience problems with the plugin or got any feature requests.


Hi @JohnMark,

Ziggeo supports a paramater called expiration-days:

expiration-days [ int ]
After how many days should video automatically be deleted? (disabled by default)

Setting a value here means the video will be automatically deleted from your Ziggeo account, providing you got the “Automatically delete expired videos” option enabled in the “Authorization Settings” tab of your Ziggeo application’s settings.

Needless to say we will include this in our upcoming documentation too.

Thanks for using our plugin! Please contact us with any other questions.


We just updated the plugin with a patch that makes the expiration-days setting optional in the recorder settings.


@bubblify, I’m loving the plugin so far and look forward to the instructions. I have made a form where people upload a video, this then updates a field with a list of the uploaded fields with that record. It’s all working fine and you can see the videos already uploaded but when you upload a new video the preview for that one says ‘video not available’ or something. Any ideas why?

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Hi @paul4,

Not 100% sure, but this is probably because the video is still being processed by Ziggeo then. After verifying the video Ziggeo starts processing it and when the processing is completed it should be available for playback. Please check if the video is still “not available” after the processing by Ziggeo has finished.

Ok, thenks, maybe that’s it. I’ve done a workaround now anyway using counts instead as it was getting a bit cluttered.

Next question!! I’m struggling a bit with the themes, it seems a bit hit and miss. Is there a set size that the element should be for a best result? And is there any way I can style it myself? I’m using the upload only option at the moment so it would be good if I could use a normal button instead.

Still loving the plugin!

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Hi @paul4,

Please take a look here at the different Player themes and Recorder themes.

You can try custom styles here on their styling sandbox. Not sure where to add that custom css to your Bubble application, but in the settings under SEO&Metatags -> Advanced settings -> scripts in header might do the trick. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Good news!

We just updated the plugin with some extra Player element settings (no fullscreen, auto fullscreen on mobile and lazy loading), and even better news:

We added links to proper documentation!

Hope this helps all of you to have an even better experience using our Advance Ziggeo Plugin! :+1:


Great work guys, maybe a bit on the expensive side… I would pay for it though if you supported fetching video direct download links. I just spoke to Ziggeo and they support this in the API. What say you?

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I second the request for direct downloads. For me it would just need to be to be able to download the video from the player element.

@bubblify I would like to pay for a month to test the plugin how do I do that ? I have been unable to buy directly from the plugin store

You should be able to subscribe to the plugin through the plugin store.
Your account will be charged by Bubble according to your subscription plan: If you have a yearly or monthly paid plan for your Bubble application, the plugin will be charged for a year or month respectively too. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime of course.

Good luck and thanks for using our plugin!

So i installed this plugin and all was well for about 5 min… but then it stopped working. Nothing shows up on the screen anymore? Do you have any ideas on what to check when nothing shows up… especially after it did work for a few min.

Hi Ryan,

Did you check the documentation and make sure your settings aren’t the cause that a player or recorder is not showing on the frontend anymore? It seems that your settings are causing this, because the plugin can’t just “stop working”. Please elaborate on the issue if you still need help, so we can provide effective support. For example, which element is not displaying, and where? Maybe you can provide access to a (temporary) app where we can see the issue? Thanks.