Compress photo before upload

Anyone knows how to compress photo before uploading into my app?

Hey there,

So to compress the photo before uploading within your app, I suggest looking at either of these 2 plugins:
Croppie - free to use and will allow you to set the quality of the photo before actually uploading to your app, therefore saving your app capacity.

There is also another plugin, Multi-Uploader this is paid, but works perfectly for multi-file uploads and again will allow you to set the quality.

Both plugins will also allow you to set the max file upload size.

For instance with the Multi-Uploader plugin, setting the quality to about 82%, I’ve uploaded a 9MB photo and its saved an output photo to around 600kb…big difference.

You could if you wanted to use an external API e.g.
Depends on the purpose of the app and type of content really…plus the scale in mind.


is there anyway I can try Multi-Uploader Plugin?

Yes and no. The best option for trying is subscribing to the plugin, then I believe if you were to test for a day or so and then cancel, it should only charge you the per month few divided by number of days active. So in theory the $25 pm for testing out for a few days would be a few dollars. Double check but pretty sure how the pricing/billing model works for sub plugins.

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