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Multiple Image compression before upload to Bubble

The bald patch is beginning to grow as I quickly start pulling my hair out…

I am a newbie and have managed to get near the end of my app build but I just can’t seem to get anywhere with image compression.
I have tried almost every possible plugin (I am not comfortable with API’s and have very limited knowledge to go down that rabbit hole just yet) and I just can’t seem to get to a workable workflow to achieve this. All plugins’ documentation is geared at experienced users/developers that have a better degree of knowledge but they don’t seem to cater for the newbie.

I am not asking for crayon drawings (although sometimes that would be nice :slight_smile: ), but can someone help with a simplified step by step process so that my users can load 5 pictures and have my app compress them before they get uploaded to Bubble storage?

Something like…
1 - Install Plugin “X”
2 - create a button
3 - link workflow to button
4 - workflow should be “compress multiple images before loading to Bubble” (I wish it was that simple lol

Heeeeeeeeelllllllp please


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Actually, It is that simple with this plugin Image Compressor and Uploader Plugin | Bubble.

I still can’t get it right…

I have a button on my page and a workflow when clicked as follows:

Step 1 - Select Multiple a Compressor


Step 2 - Upload Multiple Images Compressor A


I get this far and I am able to get the file selector to open and select images…but then I get stuck and I don’t know what to do next to get the images to save against the Images field for the database entry item (Thing = Model, Model Images = multiple image field)

Any help on what the next step is would be gratefully received.

Many Thanks

Checkout the events that trigger

Selection done (your action will trigger compression)

Compression done (your action will trigger upload)

Upload done (your action will trigger uplpad)

Chris, thanks to you I am making progress!

I have managed to get the image to compress and it gets uploaded to the File Manager. However, I can’t seem to get it to save to the current thing?


What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you so much, I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

Your final action is - Make changes to or create a new thing


Compressor A solo image url

If you’re doing multiple Create a backend workflow and run on list OR set list inside the object your saving list to on front end.

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Huge thanks Chris! I have got it working. I think I need to just adjust my workflow so that it is only applying it on a “Save” action but I will get that looked at a bit later. However, this is working and both me and my sanity are EXTREMELY grateful.

Thank you

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