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Concatenating text in fields containing lists

I’m trying to concatenate two fields to display a full name for contacts. To do I’m taking the FirstName and LastName fields from my Contacts table and using Join With to insert a space between them. That works where there’s only one contact involved in a transaction and returns, say, “Joey Tribiani” but where there’s more than one individual on a transaction, the result of this methodology means that I get
“Joey Chandler Tribiani Bing” whereas what I really want to achieve is “Joey Tribiani, Chandler Bing”.
Can anyone point me towards success with this? I’m sure there’s a simple way but it’s eluding me currently.
Many thanks

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 9.31.41 AM

Here is the editor:

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Many thanks for this. It’s certainly put me on the right track. I’d never found the Text Search For Contacts in a million years but I have now and I’m nearly there.
I’ve managed to display the email address of all the users I need, I’m still having a little difficulty with displaying the Full Name of each user made up of their first and last names. I think the FirstItem in your example is causing the name of the first person in the list to repeat. I’ve taken it out but then the :Append option vanished. I’ll plough on though. I do really appreciate your trouble. Thank you.

If you click the link to my editor you should just be able to copy and paste the ‘expressions’.