How to concatenate multiple fields when multiple rows are returned from DB

I have a table called “Client” with multiple fields, including “FirstName” and “LastName”. I also have another table called “Transaction” that is also referenced in the Client table. The relationship is one-to-many (each transaction can have multiple clients).

For displaying the data on my screen, I want to display the first and last name of all clients associated with a particular transaction. So the query is simple: where Transaction = Transaction (which will return multiple client rows) but I have no idea how to display the first and last name of all clients in one line. So my display should look like:

Client1FirstName Client1LastName & Client2FirstName Client2LastName & …

Thanks in advance

That’s happening when your DB structured incorrect .
Add a field “Users , type: list of users” to DB of “Transaction”.

Interesting idea, I did add the list of Clients (type: list of Client) to my Transaction table but am still facing the same type of issues retrieving the desired data. So far I have “Transaction’s Clients:each item’s FirstName” but then I’m stuck. I cannot find an option to contact/append each item’s FirstName with a space and then LastName.

Use ‘format as text’ for this.

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Such a simple solution yet hidden in the options. Thank you muchly Adam. Worked awesome!

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