Condition Met, Data Unchanged

Hi guys,

Still relatively new to Bubble so this may simply be me asking the question in the wrong way but here goes.

I was able to solve another problem here but I have immediately run into a new problem.

TL;DR is the column the data from an input is written to is based on a condition.
[Condition 1 is not met so don’t write the data here] [Condition 2 is met so write the data here]

The problem is, when the condition is met, nothing is written.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

I didn’t quite get the TL;DR part.


The user can select one of several buttons, each button opens the same window, but the window’s state is set by that button at the same time.

When the user saves a date value, then column Bubble is supposed to save that data to is dictated by the state of the window.

For example: Window state = “Monday” the input date would save to the [Monday] column.

The condition is met when I step through with the debugger but no data is ever written to any column.

It’s almost as if the Date/TimePicker’s value isn’t being passed through?

No problem,

I understand that you’re writing the data based on a date/time picker input. When you’re writing the data, is the input’s value empty? I say this because you’re giving priority to the group’s state and not the input’s value.

Looking at the debugger, the value is still in the input at the step where I’m asking for it to be written to the column.

This is really difficult to screen grab all in one because there’s protected data in the database.

All of the stages in the workflow that you can see are functionally the same, they just check to see if the Window state is the one they’re looking for.


I have continued testing and it appears that I cannot change any data using this workflow. Even attempting to store a plaintext value that doesn’t rely on an input at all doesn’t save.

I’m a bit lost now. Is it the step-by-step nature of the workflow that relies on the state of the window that’s breaking it?

Update 2:

I added a displayed message to the workflow and I now understand what the issue is, but not why it exists.

The parent data is not being passed through to the workflow when the submit button is clicked. I proved this by asking an Alert Message to display the name of the person the record relates to and it’s blank.

The fix? Meh, just make sure the data is being passed through, duh.

The issue is Workflows appear to be working, even if they are disconnected. The only way I can see to find the issue is to the step through the entire dataflow until you find the disconnect.

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