Condition: modified date is today

Trying to get a condition on a workflow going

If things modified date is today.

But nothing I’m doing works. I need a sanity check here, so if someone has the correct set up, I could try that and if it still doesn’t work I can dig deeper into why it doesn’t work.


Hi there, @casheets123… I have been tripped up on more than one occasion when checking something against the current date because the constraint also takes the current time into account, so nothing gets returned. Have you tried using two constraints with the first one being a check that the modified date is greater than the current date/time with hours, minutes, and seconds changed to 0 and the second constraint being a check that the modified date is less than the current/date time with hours, minutes, and seconds changed to 23, 59, and 59? Those constraints have done the trick for me in the past, so maybe that’s what you need here.

Hope this helps.


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Here’s how you know if two dates happen “on the same day”:


Thanks for keeping my sanity in check guys @keith and @mikeloc

I found the issue in the end. There wasn’t anything wrong with the date part, it was completely unrelated, the workflow was trying to change something that didn’t exist yet. Duh!


Everytime I need to search by dates on my site I get rid of the time field all together in my searches.
current date/time:formatted as 1/14/21

Hope that helps :+1:

EDIT: Seems I started writing this, got up from my computer and came back and posted my reply. lol super late to the party here. sorry

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haha still appreciated @joseph.farinhas Perhaps someone will search for “modified date is today” and will find the answers they need here.

As for myself… I should start thinking before I go “AAARGH!!”

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