Conditional Case Statements

Hi all,

I do not think that this exist already?

I would like to see the availability of a Condition Case statement.
For example, in one single Set State workflow item on one element, I could decide at once, which case I need to set the state of an element state variable.
Case <condition 1>
Set Var_Status to “front”
Case <condition 2 >
Set Var_Status to “back”
Case <condition 3>
Set Var_Status to “both”

Guy, from Canada! Lots of snow here in Ottawa!

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You mean set the states dynamically depending on the conditions instead of defining them manually in the workflow?

What I mean is about adding a conditional type of statement like we see in many programming languages known as CASE statement or Switch statement.
For example in C++:

switch (-2) {
 case 2-4:
         printf("I am -2");
 case 2:
         printf("I am 2");
 case 10/7:
         printf("I am 1");
         printf("I am default");

The equivalent of this in Bubble is separate workflows, one for each case.

If client-side actions could return values to the workflow there’d be a whole set of little utility/convenience actions like this, but that’s not a thing (yet).

Thanks Keith!