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Need help with combining Boolean operators

Hi Everyone,

Hope you can help me. I need to have a workflows run depending if certain conditions are met.
My statement in normal terms would be:

if: Condition A AND (Condition B OR (Condition C AND Condition D))

so in English Condition A must be true and Either condition B must be true Or Condition C & D must be true.

Without parenthesis in Bubble this is quite tricky.

Can someone please give me some guidance on how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

bubble not having parentheses is sooooo frustrating. It has been asked for multiple times and their reason for not introducing it, they say, is because they are a no code platform and parentheses are code, to which I say “okkaayy but if your no code platform could do what I want without brackets and without a ridiculous workaround, then I wouldn’t need brackets” but your example is one that seems like it can’t be done without brackets.

The (somewhat) ridiculous work around here is to set up a workflow that breaks out your condition into multiple actions and use states to store the info.

For example:
Action 1: Set state condition CD = true only when Condition C and Condition D (otherwise it reverts to the default value of false)
Action 2: Same logic as action 1 but tweaked for the logic you need.

I haven’t worked it through whether you need a third action or not but I’m sure you should be able to trial and error this work around to get the results you need.

Thanks @paul29. Think this is what I will have to do.
Agree with you that the lack of parenthesis is daft. I thought Bubble was supposed to make things easier.

:slight_smile: NP. Maybe bubble will implement this simple, yet highly requested functionality one day. I remember seeing a post from the founder Josh in 2016ish saying they would implement them but yet here we are.

@paul29 A man can dream…

Multiple workflows seems to be working… Super janky, but it works. Sure there’s a significant performance hit because it needs to check 6 workflows to see which one applies, but so be it.
Thanks again.