Conditional colour based on date


I have the creation date of an enquiry on a list. I want to put a square next to each enquiry and change the colour based on the following
10 days over the creation date then RED
5 days over the creation date then ORANGE
2 days over the creation date then GREEN
Can anyone help with the conditional info on this one?



Hey there @officeteddy2012,

This is definitely possible!

It would look something like this:

Current Thing’s creation date +Days: -2 < Current Date/Time

sorry this isnt fixed. If I put in three conditions in traffic light format it either shows all as red or all as green.
Im still quite a newbie so I may need a bit more explanation as to how to make this work


You need to ‘isolate’ each conditional, so that more than 1 will never be true at the same time.

I’m guessing at the moment you’ve got 1 which will be true, even when others are as well. (i.e. your conditional for a creation date of more than 2 days ago, is also true when the creation date is more than 10 days ago)

So make sure each conditional is TRUE only for items created within a specific range.

For example:

Red: when creation date + 10days < current date/time

Orange: when creation date + 5Days < current date/time AND creation date + 10Days ≥ current date/time

Green: when creation date + 2Days < current date/time AND creation date + 5Days ≥ current date/time

thank you thats great. I started to use Range but this works much better

Thank you Adam

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