Conditional destination for link element

I have always had my header set up with buttons. But when they are buttons, you can’t right click on them and “open in new tab” or hover over them to see the destination link. I found this thread:

So I changed one of the buttons to a link but it appears links can only have one destination (currently my buttons have multiple potential destinations based on their logged in state). Is the only way to achieve multiple destinations is to have multiple links in place of one button (i.e. if the button had three potential destinations, then there would be three links) and only one of them shown depending on the user paremeters?


Yeah, it’s a bit annoying that you can’t change the link in a conditional… but there are some work-arounds (including having multiple link elements if necessary)…

If you only need to have two possible links, depending on whether a user is logged in or not, then you can use ‘current User is logged in: format as text’ as the dynamic link destination, then set the actual links accordingly.

If you need 3 (or more) then you can use have a custom state, and set the link destination on that (depending on your conditions), then use that custom state value as the link destination.

(note you’ll need to be using the ‘External URL’ option in order to be able to set the link destination dynamically).

Thanks for that.
Good poing about the external url. For some reason, when I saw that, I was thinking an external url, but of course I can just plug in a url for my website.

Appreciate the feedback.

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Yeah, the easiest way (when using External URL) is just to select the Thing’s Link directly.

Agreed. Thanks again