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UX Question (right click)


Is there a reason why when i right click on a menu item or any clickable element, i dont get the “open in a new tab” option like any other website?

I believe the element needs to be of type “link” in order to do that.


I get that when you as the developer want to open a new tab (by design) on the one click, but if the user opts to right click and open on a new tab, i need to use a link element instead?

I thought that if an element had a navigational function, the browser can enable the user to open anything on a new tab by right click. For example if you put the pointer in your username here in the forum, it gives you that option.

Keep in mind the forum isn’t built on Bubble, it’s Discourse. I imagine this navigation behavior was a design decision Emmanuel and company had to make for reasons of some sort.

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Totally understand that. It’s going to take me some time to replace all link elements on my website but that’s that. jajaja Thank you for the reply @potentialthings. Have a good one! .

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