Add anchor to any clickable element (not only links)

Hi there! Do you know if there are plans to make any clickable element (group, button, etc.) not only link to an external page (already exists) but also add an anchor (a href)?

We all complain about how Bubble performs in terms of SEO, but I think this could make a big difference when Google looks at our sites/apps. Right now, only link elements (with all the constraints they have) insert an anchor, so if you’re using clickable groups/buttons instead, Google is not able to tell those are links.

Or, if you know of some trick/workaround to make that happens, please share! :slight_smile: Thanks!

You can style links with a background color, roundness, borders, etc to make it look and act exactly like a button.

For other use cases, you can try messing around with <a> tags in an html element :slight_smile:

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Thanks! The problem here is that I want to trigger other actions apart from the navigation to an external website on a new tab, e.g. tracking an event via Google Analytics plugin. In other words, my on-click workflow looks like this (in this case, it’s for a text element, but it could be a group, button, etc.):

And I can’t set an event “when an element is clicked” if the element is a link (I can do it with groups, buttons, texts, etc.), as the link elements are not selectable.

The HTML element proposal would be my final alternative, but thanks for that too!

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Just a note, you know link tags don’t need to go to an external page right? You can do navigation on the same tab to your own website using those.

Yes, but I need to send people to external pages like Twitter (not internal links only), while keeping the anchor, e.g. <a href=“”). And I also need other links sending people to internal pages (not in a new tab usually) :slight_smile: