Conditional formatting visibility override "is shown"

I have some objects that out of necessity are not visible on page load and I subsequently need to show them using a workflow event.

Once that workflow event triggers the element using the “show” element action, it seems to set the element to the same type of settings as if it was visible on page load.

What I have on the element is a condition to try to hide it without using another workflow element event

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 12.03.47 AM

So I have two shapes, one that is visible when a date time picker is pressed. Once the user doesn’t select a date that shape is hidden (red) and another shape is shown (green). The red shape is shown and hidden using workflow events. The green is shown using workflow events and I’d like to set a conditional to hide it every time the red shape is visible.

The conditional doesn’t work though and the only way to make the shape not visible again is to use the workflow event to hide it.