Worfklows or Conditions to show/hide elements?

Hello – here’s one for an expert Bubbler who has some insights into what’s happening behind the scenes on pages.

I have been wondering about whether there’s any fundamental difference between using a workflow or a condition to show or hide an element.

For example, if you want a user to see search and display functionality only when the user is logged in you could have the element not visible on page load, and…

  1. Use a workflow to show the element if the user logs in, and then hide it if the user logs out.


  1. Throw a conditional on the element so that if the user is logged in the element is visible, otherwise it’s not.

I’m finding conditionals a lot easier to work with since you just throw it on the element when creating it and you don’t have to fool with workflows.

However, is there any difference in how Bubble handles them? Let’s say there’s a page that only logged in users should be able to see. You put a redirect on the page and also use privacy settings to prevent any data from loading on that page if the user isn’t logged in. But you don’t want non-logged in users to see the various search and display forms, so you make them not visible on page load. Is there any difference in how a conditional makes such an element hidden /visible vs a worfklow, which would point to using one vs. the other for privacy?

Exactly. If it can be done either way, I almost always use a Conditional precisely because it’s easier, reduces workflow clutter, and generally makes things simpler and more maintainable.

I wouldn’t think there’s a difference from a privacy/security standpoint. After all, that’s why privacy roles exist. Hiding and showing UI elements is separate and apart from whether the data are retrieved from the DB in the first place. Privacy roles deal with the latter; and showing/hiding elements deal with the former.


Is there a performance difference between the two ways?

they both happen on browser unless you use backend workflows so I would think not a significant performance difference but hard to know as just a bubble user and not an engineer. I always use conditions when possible for this use case. More convenient to implement and reliable.

Among other informations, there’s a bank account to be filled in the user sign up.
I’m validating the account digit using a JavaScript in toolbox.
After validating, an input field show Y (correct) or N (wrong), but it’s ugly.
I tried to use two icons: one CHECK and one TIMES.
How can I show and hide them based on the field Y or N?
I’ve tried conditionals, but it didn’t work. Both stay visible, regardless the content of that field.
Can anybody help me?

In the conditional of each icon I used:

When inputresult’value is “Y”,

   Iconcheck visible marked.

When inputresult’value is “N”,

   Iconcheck visible unchecked