Bug or not? Element shown via workflow doesn't re-hide with conditional

I have a “Processing…” element on my page that is only shown after a user clicks a button and then should hide itself again once the database reflects that their processing has finished.

Element is hidden on page load, but also has a conditional like “When item.status=done this element is not visible”

Workflow on button click is
Show the processing element → schedule api workflow that eventually sets status to ‘done’

For some reason this doesn’t work. The element will not re-hide itself based on its conditional.

I was able to get the desired effect by adding a new status to my item lifecycle for “processing”, changed the element’s conditional to “When item.status=processing this item is visible” and changed the workflow to:

set item’s status to ‘processing’ → schedule api workflow that eventually sets status to ‘done’

Is this a bug? It seems that the only difference here is triggering the item to be shown via conditional and not workflow, but maybe there’s a reason this is the expected behavior.


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