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Conditional Formatting vs. Workflows for groups

Hello -

I have created an app that has one official page and the others are groups. I’m ready to use PhoneGap to upload it into iOS, but came across a previous post that has me a little confused (see attached)

Need help understanding the most efficient way to set up my pages. Currently I’m using workflows, but the post has me confused related to conditional formatting vs. workflows.

I’m happy to do whatever satisfies my #1 requirement and that’s getting a functional app on iOS.


What Emmanuel is saying is that you can whether
a) use show hide function in workflows to switch from one group to another
b) for each group define that the group is only visible if the custom state of the page equals a certain value and then use the workflow to change the value of the page custom state
And Emmanuel recommends b) but both would work in your case.

I would have a more nuanced opinion : the fully state based approach doesn’t allow to use properly the animate workflow actions which are nice for a good uxp. So it is possible to trigger the main group show/hide with animate action + have a workflow that change the page custom state when the element is visible + have other element that react on the custom state.

I hope this helps.

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Awesome - thanks for the clarity around this.