Conditional Input Field

Hello Experts,

I am a Newbie, so I really need help for simple issue which I am not able to resolve.

The attached image shows what I want to have. Also how I am trying to do this.

I have a Radio Button having Options to Choose 1) Suburbs & 2) City

In the Zonal FSI Input Form, I want to filled the Number automatically when a user selects Suburbs or City.

I.e. If User Selects " Suburbs" > Zonal FSI Value will be 1.0
If User Selects " City" > Zonal FSI Value will be 1.33

I tried adding Conditions in the Zonal FSI input form but Somehow it is not showing.

Please Help.!!


Your logic and approach is correct. Based on what you’re showing the initial content conditional should work.

Could it be something to do with the radio button logic?

Maybe share your editor here in read only mode so we can diagnose accurately.

@SerPounce, Thanks for the reply. It is Working now. !!

But One more problem has come up.

I have following Inputs in Number ( Decimal)

Input - A = Plot Area
Input - B = Zonal FSI
Input - C = Premium FSI
Input - D = TDR
Input E = Total FSI = ( Zonal FSI + Premium FSI + TDR)… I have added simple Addition Formula.

Input F = Total BUA = ( Plot Area(Input - A) x Total FSI ( Input E))

But Now this simple Calculation is not working. !!

please help !..


Why is Total BUA an input field? Surely that is not editable by the user and should therefore just be a text element showing the result of the calculation?

Yes, your are right. But Only thing is that I need to use this number for further calculation that’s why I have defined it as a Number.

But neither of these attempt is working.

Is it because, I am using cell value which is already having a formula in it ?

Use a custom state or expression to hold the result.

No, that should not affect it.

Thank You so much @SerPounce, It is working Now. I have added Expression.
Thank u once again.

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