Radio Button link to Other Input Data

Dear Experts, :slight_smile:

Can anyone please help me with this. I am struggling with this for some time now.

I am trying here to auto calculate the value of Zonal FSI, TDR & Premium FSI based on the selection of choices mentioned in the radio button above.

For Example.,
If the user Selects " Less than 9 Meter then value of Zonal FSI will be 1.0 , TDR will be 0.0 & Premium FSI will be 0.0

If the user Selects " Above 9 meter but Less than 12 Meter then values of Zonal FSI will be 1.0 , TDR will be 0.5 & Premium FSI will be 0.5
So on so forth …

I don’t want user to add these values, I wish to add formula so that if Road width is selected the values of Zonal FSI, TDR & Premium FSI should get auto-calculated.

In terms of Data structure, I have created "Road width " as Data Type & have created Fields as below - Less than 9 meter
- Above 9 meter but less than 12 meter
- Above 12 meter but less than 18 meter
- Above 18 meter but less than 27 meter
- above 27 meter

I am trying to add dynamic data in the Place holder of " Zonal FSI" and then create something like IF-THEN statement, But not able to figure out this.

So can someone help if this method is correct?

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