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I’m trying to make the cells of a repeating group change colour when I hover over each cell at a time. I’ve tried following this but this changes the colour of all cells at the same time - A hover on a cell of a repeating group

Here is my current structure:
Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 4.57.04 PM

Please help!

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Any help is appreciated!

I would just put a conditional rule on the group within the cell, the call choice one, to change the background colour when hovered, as long as its the group within the cell then it shouldn’t affect any of the other ones.

I already have that in place and when hovered it changes the colour of all cells at the same time, not the individual cell.

Thanks for the reply!

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That looks like its the group holding the repeating group, not the group lower down within the repeating group’s cell?

‘choice’ was just cut off from the display - it’s the right group within the RG cell.

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In that case you’ve got it set up right. I would double check there are no other conditional rules which might be conflicting etc, maybe just change the rule on this group to red etc to confirm it is indeed this rule. The other thing to check is the groups layout to make sure the groups arent overlapping potentially. If its neither of those its probably a glitch you can report to bubble, but also potentially just re making the group could fix it.

It must be a bug then, everything checks out… Thanks

@Oliver-wholegraintech So it works as expected when I use a different data type and source…

This makes me think the above may not be working perhaps due to the fact that the data source is an API call?

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What if you try having an intermediary group as a work around?

Like a custom state or another rg to store the list you want to display, and the use that as the source for the actual display rg?

Either way I’m unsure why it wouldn’t be working… but maybe some workarounds are possible?

I tried the above but still no luck…

That’s so weird, what source and type do you have specifically? I’ll try to replicate

In order:

ill send you a DM

I think I’ve figured out what’s going on.

The API call is putting its results all into cell 1 of the RG. I now just need to figure out how to split the API results and put each result into a seperate cell.

Any ideas?

here’s the solution from Bubble support for anybody else that’s curious.

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