A hover on a cell of a repeating group


Is it possible to change the color of a cell when the mouse is hover ?
I try but i could only change the whole repeating group.
Thanks for the tips

The trick is to create a group within the cell of the repeating group.
Take away background a seperator on the repeating group.

Then create a group in the first cell of the list. This will automatically create a group in every cell with a content.

Set the content of the group to “Current cell´s thing” and the put all the content you want in the group.
Now you can set the condition to change color on THIS GROUP when it´s hoovered.

When you put content straight in to the cell of a repeating group you´re much more tied to the list.
Once you first create a group in the cell you can make all kinds of conditions on every single result in a list.

Hope this helped.
Good luck!


Thanks a lot !
Will try it later but sound a good trick

OK, so how can I get a box to appear when I hover over a cell in a repeating group?


hover over a banana, and a big banana picture appears!

I’ve tried with pop up, floating groups, group with focus…but nothing.

have a play here: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=repeating_group_hover_pop&id=forum_app2&tab=tabs-1

many thanks.

Tricky, as you can’t use conditions to send the hovered data to anything that might appear.

I tried adding a “big image” to the data source, but it just stays the same size.

You could maybe do something with a collapsible group - but it would look quite odd I think.

Why not? (don’t spend long on this question… if you can’t, you can’t)

I think the only way you can send “data” to something is via an action.

You can make a group appear when something (other than itself) is hovered. Or change image/text.

What I can’t see you can do is send the thing of something hovered to a group. Or say “show me the image of thing that is being hovered”. You can do it with click, as it is a worklfow action.

I’m also searching for a way to send a thing hovered in Repeating Group as a “parameter”. For example, I have a Text in a pop-up (as @lonetour wrote) which should appear and display a field of hovered Thing.
How can I do it? I don’t see :sweat:

I’m totally can’t understand why Click on element exist as an event, but hover doesn’t. These actions are both a ground of coding, I believe…

I think I am trying something similar.

I have a repeating group that lists photo locations and I’d like to have an image of the photo location appear next to its item in the repeating group on hover.

Anyone found a solution to this yet?

Looking for the same thing — found a solution?

Same Problem. I try to avoid unnecessary clicks and hovers are one way to do that. With clicks I often send parameters to the URL (i.e. page = xx) and use that parameter as a condition on other groups.

However, with hovers this does not seem to be possible. For sure, you can display things when hovering about something. But it is NOT parameterized, hence of limited use. Most use cases for hovering are about displaying context information about a specific thing (parameter).


Have a look at the following one, please.




Holy cow I think I figured it out. Accidentally :smiley:

So I have a repeating group with group inside each cell, and a button inside each of those.
Inside the group I also have an icon (but I’m guessing you can use other elements like your box shape). This is what I want to display on only one button I’ve hovered in the RG.

Here you can see the basic set up:

Attached to my RG I have a workflow, done via the Workflow section. Click to add a new event, and select “Do when a condition is true”. In that you write an express when “RG_X is hovered” like so:
Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 3.52.00 PM

Then add an action, “set state” with a custom yes/no state, in this case I did “tag-hover”
Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 3.51.47 PM

And then… on the icon itself, you can add a conditional that says when your hover state is true and the single group itself is hovered, then set it to visible:

Now, you can see in preview when I hover on that element, only one of the icons is showing!! And it’s clickable/hoverable in its own right, hence I’ve made it red on hover as it’s a delete action.

I LOVE BUBBLE! hope this helps. I think I’ll be able to use this for other instances where I want an overflow menu icon to show up on hover for a particular card/group, and then show a floating menu that pops up. Cheers.