Completely hide group when condition met


I have a condition set to show an icon if a user has posted an event. The icon disappears when user has not posted an event (so far, so good) but I need the hidden group to be completely removed so that the text to the right shifts to the left. Is this possible?

Place a clone text on that location and hide both the icon and original text as needed via the condition

Condition all three as needed

Without plugins, cmarchan’s suggestion is the winning ticket, basically turn the text into a reusable element and then the desired effect can be had by showing/hiding the reusable text element.

I’ve made a plugin to get the same effect without needing to make a reusable element, it’s private, but if you would like to try it out, you can reply with your app name and I can add it to the plugin’s approved app list (you would then need to manually add the plugin from your app and also make sure the “expose html id” option in settings → general is checked).

Here’s a demo app: and viewable editor: B2b-collapse-width | Bubble Editor

No reusable element needed.

Nice plugin functionality btw :grinning:

It’s not working. So, I went back to basics and just tried to make text show/hide with a conditional. But the text always shows, regardless of if an event is active?

Your text element is visible on page load, AND also when your condition is true. Meaning it’s always visible.

Also, your condition will be true only when there are ZERO events in your entire database, regardless of whether or not the current user has created any, as you haven’t set any constraints on your search (and don’t have any privacy rules on your event datatype).

Ugh, I keep forgetting about the constraints. Thanks Adam, I’ve fixed this now, although I’ve still not added privacy rules on my event datatype Events will have a public page where everyone can view all events.

thank you :smiley:

Appreciate the offer, looks good but I wanted to try and learn the ‘manual’ slower way as I’m learning Bubble from scratch.

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