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Conditional size and position of an element

First I would like to thank the team for an amazing product!

My question is the following: is it possible to set an elements (let’s say an input fields) position based on some condition. In other words, is it possible that the user will be able to move an element (input field) by clicking a button? I checked the conditional actions for element but haven’t found it. I am wondering what is preventing you from adding this type of action to the list of possible actions you already have?

Is it possible for user at all to move an element? Ideally I would like to give a user possibility to drag an element, but I am assuming that this is too advanced for the current version of bubble, isn’t it?


I don’t think that is currently possible

Dragging an element around on a responsive page sounds like it would be a bit of a challenge.

As an alternative, you could set up multiple inputs, and hide/show them based upon navigation buttons.

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Yes that’s the right way to do it

I’d also love to be able to set position conditionally. My specific use case would be for indenting comments when they’re replies to previous comments.