Question: dynamic control of element coordinates (solved)

Hi guys,

this question seems to be a recurring but unresolved issue : is there a way to programmatically take control of the monitor coordinates (px) of common elements (groups, shapes, text fields, inputs, RG’s etc.) ? CSS Tools seems only to control H and W, but not X and Y. Any solutions planned, in the pipeline, or ready ?

Motivation: a client within the print media industry needs to control the precise positions of graphic elements on paper printouts. Would be cool to do this in bubble via page preparation and Select PDF.

Thanks for any ideas or infos.

Regards, Ondrej :paw_prints:

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This one will do most things MoveIt related,

For a move and monitor use case you might consider,


Hi jarrad,

thank you, this works really fine !

Though, at $0 per months it would go from excellent to fantastic. Looks to me as if a smart pilot with a consistent NAV plan had outrun the platform development on this one :yum: Any chance to negotiate some sort of integration into bubbles free standard toolkit? Would be a blessing and a productivity boost (just spent ~6h searching for a solution in places where there is none).

Im glad your able to make use of the plugin, i dont have any plans in the near furture to release it as a free plugin. So far I have found that early adopters have been more than happy to pay for its features and being paid there is far more incentive to further develop and extend those features.

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