Conditional Statement not working properly on show action

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 10.34.40

I am nearly going crazy with this issue. The thing that the condition is loolking for only gets created in step 7 but somehow the conditional statement thinks it already exists? Eventho because of the terminate workflow it never actually gets created. Please help!!

Creating a thing is a backend action, and backend actions are triggered as soon as the WF is initiated (Actions - Bubble Docs). If you need to manage the order of operations granularly - you need to wrap actions in custom events (still not a 100% solution, at least I have a bug report opened for setting custom state and backend WF order error).

Thanks for the reply! What can I do to do what I am trying to do? Is there a easier way to do it?


So what are you trying to do? Describe the logic

I am trying to create a new thing only if this things doesn’t alredy exist and if it does the popup should show that a thing with this number already exists. The problem is that this popup is always shown.

So you don’t have any issues with thing’s creation and the problem is only with pop-up being shown always?
If yes - do you have any other action that show this pop-up?

No its only used there.

What are the constraints in your popup only when… condition?

Do a search count > 0

And it looks for a thing with the nummber in de input field.

Thanks for the help!