Conditional statements for input fields

Dear Bubble,

I’m creating a contact form and have multiple input fields. I have set a conditional statement on one input field with the following values: Conditional ONLY when Send is pressed and Email input value is empty.

Property to change: Border colors to RED and placeholder to{Please fill in your email}

I am having the following issue: The conditional statement only works when pressing Send and there is no option to keep it ON untill the field is clicked, am I doing something wrong and should I do it differently? I prefer not to use alert because I have to create different element and I want to keep it simple.

You misunderstand “pressed”. That’s just a transitional state for styling purposes. (It’s only true when the user is mouse-down on the element. You’d use it to like hilight or dim the color, not what you are trying to do.)

Thanks Keith, I understand what you are saying. Can you give me a direction for a better way to do it. Would appreciate it.

Update: I just solved it by using: When This input isn’t valid

There ya go!