How to set Input value = conditional Value

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Good question here.

Let’s say I have an input field with an empty placeholder. I create conditional rules:

  • If element (custom state) is Yes -> Placeholder = Pink
  • If element (custom state) is Yes -> Placeholder = Orange

So, the value of the placeholder depends on the conditional value.
How can I match the value between them? How to define a conditional value = Placeholder value

So if element (custom state) is Yes -> Placeholder = Pink --> Then placeholder is Pink
Then I can save in the database.

Even I define conditional, I can’t save the data because Bubble thinks the placeholder is empty even it display the text. I can’t figure out how to solve that.

Thanks for your help.

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I just found a solution.
In the conditional: You must fill the “inital content” with the appropriate value instead of filling the placeholder.

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