Strange problems today

Any chance there are systemic problems today that are impacting Conditional Elements?

I have been using the same condition for months now and it stopped working today. I have restored a previous version that I know for sure was working and it is not either.

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Something is up? The responsive Beta started acting up so I started a new season… Now Preview Mode kicks a “Oh no!” message?

a mi tambien, nada funciona

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Issues with Main Bubble Cluster

New incident: Investigating

Our automated systems have detected potential issues with the main Bubble cluster. We are currently investigating…

Time posted

Feb 9, 14:43 EST

These main bubble cluster issues are happening too frequently now…


Yeah… almost every week


I am so understanding of server crashes every now and again. It happens. But there’s been now 5 major outages in the past 2 weeks… What the heck.


you can subscribe to updates from their status page:

At least the notification system telling you it’s down is never down…this is getting a little ridiculous.


more strangeness…6 issues just popped up saying missing elements. I try to re-select them, as they are there on the list and highlighted in yellow, but nothing happens. The issues are not resolved after I select the element.

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Yeah, I’ve been having issues where my screen is just white pages for my running live apps… So, odd… Everything is fine in the editor though.