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Conditional - user is logged in then visible

I think this is a bug. It at least seems strange.

I have a button that I want to show when a user is logged in and not when they are not. I set the conditional statement to be: Current User is Logged in.

Then I set the property to change to be: This element is visible. The box is checked.

When I test it, it doesn’t work: the button is always visible whether the user is logged in or not.

I’ve gotten around this by doing the inverse which works fine: When user is NOT logged in then do NOT make this element visible.

Can you share a link to the editor?

Did you uncheck “element is visible on page load” under the appearance tab for this button?

Yes, in my work around I “uncheck” the box.

Does that get you there? This is my first time sharing a page.

No I mean in the appearance tab. The default visibility checkbox.

Oh, yes.

Which button is it?

To illustrate, I left the “All” button in the way that I would think this would work, but it doesn’t. The other two buttons are set up with my work around and that works fine.

I unchecked the default checkbox for the All button. Try now.

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Looks like @romanmg is getting you sorted. I just watched her work, that should take care of it!

Ohhhhhh … interesting. So that default checkbox on the appearance page takes precedent over the conditional for some reason. Thanks for the help!

Yes, so by default, the element will not be visible unless you specifically create the conditions to make it visible. Your reverse way of doing it was perfectly fine. You get the same result (visible by default, but not visible under a condition), but the more you work with elements and your user experience, you’ll start to see that some circumstances may benefit more from one way over the other.

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