How do I hide a button when the current user isnt logged in?

Wanting to hide a logout button when the current user isnt logged in. Wanting to do the same thing to the signup button & login button for when the current user is logged in.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @canaricreations,

To do this, it’s quite simple, you’d just add a conditional statement to the buttons.

So double click the button to get to the settings, and on the conditions tab, add one for “when current user is not logged in: this element is visible” - and leave the checkbox unchecked.

Hope that helps!


Thank you man!

This was confusing. For a few minutes I was looking for a “this element is invisible” option - then I found your post - thx! Unchecked (“this element is visible”) is a bit less intuitive. But I imagine/hope there’s a good reason for it.

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