Conditional Workflow Actions and Performance

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I was wondering if anyone had an understanding of how having numerous conditional actions within a workflow affects the performance of the workflow. For example, I have a workflow with 16 actions - however, only half of them will run when the workflow is initiated because there are conditions that each action checks for before running. The workflow consistently takes 12 seconds to run, which is slow compared to many of my other workflows that have closer to eight actions with fewer or no conditions to check.

Therefore, I was wondering if this lag could be caused by the fact that I have a relatively high number of actions associated with this workflow even though most of them are not run.

I am getting a warning that adding more capacity would make it 11 seconds faster which would bring the time down to one second, so that may be the simplest solution but I was still wondering if there was some principle with regards to workflows that I should keep in mind in order to manage performance.


Are the workflows mostly data changing workflows?

That isn’t correct, mostly creating things and then assigning those things to lists on other things.

Sorry, I meant to type ”That is correct…”

I recommend creating an API workflow that does everything you need with all the conditions. Then when you want to run all those workflows use “Schedule an API Workflow”. That will run all the workflows on your server and will look fast to your user as it runs in the background. It will still take a few seconds for the entire thing to run on the server but it looks fast on user end.


Thanks for the recommendation. Scheduling API Workflows is one of the major aspects of Bubble that I have not familiarized myself with yet as I hadn’t had the need before this. I will start looking into that and hopefully it solves the issue - I will report back here with what I find in case anyone else has a similar issue.

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