Timing workflows to determine bottleneck

I have a button click that has 4 separate workflows attached to it, each of the form “when button is clicked and condition x”. It takes a good 2-3 seconds for bubble to evaluate all 4 conditions and return the correct output. I would like to implement timers on each workflow to narrow down which ones are taking the longest and then from there, try to figure out how to speed things up. This would be easy in programming but doesn’t seem to be doable in bubble (obviously I’m hoping I’m wrong). Any thoughts?

Looking forward to any solutions as I’m dealing with an identical situation.

So I think I have come up with something. It’s not super elegant or super easy to implement but I think it will work. I haven’t done it yet but I’m pretty sure it should do the trick.

On page load I have three actions (one for each of my conditions), each which set a state of a yes/no page state. The value of each state is the condition of each of my work flows that I am trying to time. I also have the toolbox plug-in installed and have 4 JavaScript to bubble elements which sandwich the three set state actions (i.e. JStoBubble, set state, JStoBubble, set state, JStoBubble, set state, JStoBubble). They run the code:
var startTime = performance.now()
Which then publish back to bubble and I have 4 text elements that display the output of each of thJStobubble elements.

I think that should work

@BrianHenderson can you let me know once you’ve tried my hacky solution? I just implemented and the time that each set state action takes is in the 10-20 msec range which is WAY faster than how long it takes to run the conditionals on the events. I’m interested to see if you see the same effect.

I found this thread. My workflows are now no longer slow.