Conditional workflow based on success/failure of Stripe Charge


I have created an app that signs a user up to a Stripe Subscription Plan, using the official Stripe plugin. PS: No trial, we attempt to charge their card immediately. You can see my workflow logic below.

I want to make the workflow conditional based on the status of Step 2:

If the charge fails for whatever reason, I want the flow to stop at Step 2.

Only if the charge succeeds, I want the flow to continue with the next steps.

Currently we have a few issues where the charge fails, but success emails are sent, customers are taken to a confirmation page etc etc. Confusion ensues :slight_smile:

I have attempted to fickle with the “Only when” config for step 3, but I’m not sure what to do here. Do I need to do an API call? Hopefully I can get this infromation directly from the Stripe module used here.


Any help is deeply appreciated!

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