Conditionally change dropdown choices source

I have two dropdowns: Fulfiller and Status.

Status is defined by an Option Set (Statuses) containing five options.

I have a Conditional: when Dropdown Fulfiller's value is Current User's username

What I want to do when the condition is met is change the Choices source so that only three of the five options from the Option Set appear in the dropdown. How can I accomplish this?

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I’m stuck!

One thing I’ve tried is setting the Choices source to All Statuses :minus list and – in theory, I guess-- I should be able to create some kind of list with the options I don’t want to appear in the dropdown. But I can’t figure out how to create such a list.

Another thing I’ve tried is adding Attributes to the Option Set, thinking I could somehow utilize those to essentially filter the options that should appear. This got me nowhere.

Help is appreciated.


take a look here:


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:filtered was exactly what I needed.
Many thanks, grottofilms!

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